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About Us

Who we are

Helloo! We are a small cruelty free Portuguese brand that ships worldwide! All our designs are created in house by us. 
This idea started because of quarantine actually! Although both of us always wanted to do something like this, it was never the right time or we were too busy. Then one day, it just happened and here we are!
It took a little bit of work and time and creativity but we are super proud to have created Call it Alma and everything the store stands for!
Because we are both Portuguese, we wanted the name of the store to be connected to our roots so we decided on Alma which means Soul and it made sense because of the values we wanted the store to represent. Some of those values include the fact that we are cruelty free brand as well as inclusive to all sizes, genders and preferences! 

Meet the Team


🏠 Madeira Island, Portugal

📍 Currently in Leeds, United Kingdom

👩 24 years old

🎓 BA Aviation and Airport Management 

Quick Fire 🔥

Cats or Dogs? hm Dogs!

Pizza or Pasta? Pastaa
Beach or City? A beach in a city?
Night in or night out? Depends on the mood but most of the times night in!
Starbucks or costa? Starbucks
Winter or Summer? Summer!! 
iPhone or Something else? Samsung girl over here!                                                             


🏠 Lisbon, Portugal

📍 Currently in Birmingham, UK             

👩 21 years old

🎓 BA in Business and MA in Communication and Media 

Quick Fire 🔥
Cats or Dogs? Dogs 

Pizza or Pasta? Pastaa
Beach or City? Beach 
Night in or night out? Night out
Starbucks or costa? Costa
Winter or Summer? Summer all the way 
iPhone or Something else? Iphone




We really hope you enjoy our chill vibes and our casual wear! 
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